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Beijing Renchuang technology group won the title of national specialized and new "little giant" enterprise

Recently, Beijing Renchuang technology group was successfully selected into the third batch of national specialized special new "little giant" enterprises and the second batch of national key specialized special new "little giant" enterprises.

Over the past 30 years, Renchuang technology has been committed to the resource utilization and research of desert aeolian sand, turning waste into treasure and turning harm into benefit. It has carried out effective innovation and application in the fields of urban waterlogging control, black and smelly water treatment, oil and gas exploitation, precision casting, ecological restoration, desertification control and low-carbon construction, and formed its own industrialization Seven pillar industries such as "precision casting with sand, increasing oil with sand, prospering water with sand, prospering agriculture with sand, building with sand, controlling sand and creating art with sand" have created a strategic emerging industry marked by using sand - sand industry.

Beijing Renchuang Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Beijing Renchuang Technology Group Co., Ltd.

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